NS Wash Systems

Designing and building superior equipment has been a tradition at NS Corporation since its inception in 1961 when founder G. Thomas Ennis recognized the need for more efficient and reliable vehicle wash systems.  Located in Inglewood, California, NS Corporation is the largest vehicle wash manufacturer on the West Coast. NS Corporation is an ISO 9001:2015 and UL certified company that maintains the highest levels of quality in the industry.

NS Corporation was originally incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1967 as NS Car Wash Enterprises, Inc. In the late 1970s, NS responded to the needs of the transit sector and expanded its engineering and manufacturing capacity to fulfill the vehicle cleaning requirements of bus, truck, and rail operations. In March 1980, the company name was changed to NS Corporation to reflect the company’s diversification. NS Corporation’s breadth in the marketplace is unmatched by any domestic or international competitor, as we satisfy consumer demand in three segments: transit, fleet and commercial car washing.

NS Corporation builds wash systems that deliver consistently clean, dry and polished vehicles. The systems are designed with simplicity in mind, so as to not over-engineer the product-line. The design simplicity delivers lower maintenance and operating costs, a smaller energy footprint and overall higher customer satisfaction.

Retail Car Wash Systems


car wash system

The ECO-3 has 3 brushes and is designed for small to medium volume retail operations.


fully automated car wash

The ECO-10 has 10 brushes and is designed for large volume retail operations and very high output.


eco 5 car wash system

The ECO-5 has 5 brushes and is designed for medium to large volume retail operations.

Mini Express

Mini Express

The Mini Express Wash is designed for small volume retail operations. An affordable, turn-key system.


eco 7 fully automated car wash

The ECO-7 has 7 brushes and is designed for large volume retail operations and high output.

Auto Hand Wax

Auto Hand Wax Polishing Station

The Auto Hand Wax Polishing Station is an “On-Demand” Profit Center that applies wax and polishes.

Transit Wash Systems

From schools to the transportation sector, running and maintaining large commercial vehicles is a huge undertaking. Keeping them clean and running well is a positive reflection on your organization. Though commercial car washes are common sights, the systems and components that make up a transit car wash comprise a niche market. When you need a system that can reliably tackle the grime that attaches to buses, trains, and other large commercial vehicles, then turn to the experience of N/S Wash.

Transit operators and retail car wash owners alike can benefit from the equipment and service of N/S Wash. Operators looking to design their own transit car washes for theirfleet can rely on our experience to help get things off the ground. We also benefit current facility operators who want to expand their service from private vehicle washing to include equipment designed for large-scale commercial vehicles.

Fleet Wash Systems

Whether you’re a rental car company, local police department, or operate taxis, you take pride in your vehicles’ appearance. Maintaining and washing your fleet of vehicles should be quick and easy, so you can spend more time and energy doing what you do best—serving your customers and your community. If you stock your fleet wash with equipment from N/S Wash, you will get quality products that will keep your system running smoothly so you can focus on more important things.

Since the 1960s,N/S Corporation has designed wash systems for vehicles of all kinds, utilizing the latest innovations. As a pioneer of the drive-thru car wash, we supply many of the nation’s largest and most prestigious rental car agencies, automotive dealerships, auto auctions, and large fleet operations. N/S's wide range of fleet wash modules and our decades-long experience is unmatched by any competitor.

N/S's innovative systems include durable, eco-friendly technology that’s a perfect fit for operators who want to leave a minimal impact. They have several module designs available depending on the needs of your fleet. Each of the ECO series systems are designed to meet the demanding needs of fleet wash operators by using corrosion-resistant aluminum for a longer operation life, plus intricate clarifiers and filtration systems to reclaim water and cut down on utility costs.

Truck Systems

NS Wash System’s equipment is operating in over 10,000 wash locations worldwide and has developed a list of satisfied users that include some of the largest transit and truck organizations including national and multi-national corporations.  The NS truck line was conceived, designed and engineered specifically for fleet operators experiencing hundreds of thousands of wash cycles per year.  Expertise and innovation, backed by over five decades of experience.

Large trucks have different maintenance needs than other vehicles. Just as they have different mechanical needs, they have different washing needs, as well. Often used in harsh conditions and exposed to elements, these vehicles require a dedicated train wash or transit cleaning system to handle the contaminants they pick up.

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